NEW ORLEANS DJ IN DALLAS. All the way back in the late 90's in New Orleans, Louisiana. I use to record over my mother & brothers cassette tapes to make my own music playlist. Putting all of the hit songs of the 80's & 90's on tape. I was one of those kids that had to have music playing all the time. Only to give a few copies to my friends. I started to hear more & more people asking for my mixed tapes... Growing up living public housing called Press Park in the 9th ward was tough as a child. Low bud-get townhouse with a yearly income of 23k. A single mother and five kids was the norm in this area. Music was one to the ways to get pass lots of days of the same meals or low end living. My dad Dj Town Taker in Slidell, La always had me thinking of dancing and music all the time. I alway had the hot instrumentals for local rappers to battle and help make mix tapes. Now it's my time to show what i can do, after waiting since 1998.

My Story

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Call to get your date locked in 214-243-4326!  Each event is different and the prices may vary. Out of town min $800.

DJ packages minimum 4 hours charge.

price $100-$1000 hr