Wedding/Event package

               *DJ NAWDY EVENT PRICING                             *ALL EVENTS MINIMUM 4 HOURS

Weddings package in Dallas - Fort Worth area $125 per hour minimum 4 hours and Motion Light Show! (4 hrs $500, 8hrs or for the night $1,000 out of town plus $500 etc.)

Small Bar/lounge flat rate= $400 plug n play $50 with speakers min 4 hours.

Club $100-$1000 per hour

Private event $100-$1000 per hour

School event $100-$200 per hour

Out of Town $1000 + R&B

Block party $125 hour 

House party $100 hour

Light & fog show $100 per hour(DONT INCLUDE DJ)

Prices are different for each location! 

Call now to lock in your price for DJ Nawdy at your event! 


"Nawlins favor with Lifetime Memories" 

House party package!